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This page is about providing information on what pre-hire tests you should use when, and HOW you should look at the assessment results. The demonstrations below are exclusively meant to educate on the Hirebox pre-hire assessments.

• If you are not familiar with the Hirebox testing platform, request your two-week FREE trial – click here.
• During your free trial period, you will be invited to join a personal zoom conference with one of our technical consultants, to view some test results. Ensure you have used the testing platform a few times with the various assessments so those can be evaluated with our dedicated technical consultant.
• At any time, you can request technical support to help you navigate through the platform and/or look at some test results.
• If you need a thorough evaluation of a profile, you can ask for our custom video evaluation – which is very similar to the video demos presented below.

Our policy on pre-hiring testing:

• We NEVER use any of our pre-hire assessments to judge an applicant or to make a selection decision. In other words, we never reject or suggest rejecting an applicant based only on the results of any test results.

• Pre-hire assessments should be part of a whole selection procedure and should be used to better know and understand an applicant. Always use the test results to CHALLENGE an applicant. In fact, this is  the best use of our testing tools.

Legal Considerations

• Per applicable laws related to privacy and specifically per the E.E.O.A. (Equal Employment Opportunity Act), no candidate can be forced to fill a productivity or personality test for selection purposes. Also, anyone filling a test for selection purposes has a right to have access to the provided information.
• In full respect of the applicable laws, our assessments are NOT designed, intended or used to discriminate because of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. It does not condone Adverse Impact, defined as: “A substantially different rate of selection in hiring, promotion or other employment decisions which works to the disadvantage of members of a race, sex or ethnic group.” As an employer you should ensure that none of our assessment tools are adopted casually by managers who know little about this process. Testing can be an effective management support, but it should not be implemented without an understanding of its effectiveness and limitations for the organization and its appropriateness for a specific job.
• For details on the legal aspect of using the Recru-Tec test, contact us to obtain a copy of our terms and conditions of use at https://www.hirebox.us/terms-conditions

The Pre-Selector™

What is the Pre-Selector?

• The Pre-Selector is a very effective and fast pre- screening assessment, universal to all applicants. It takes applicants 3 to 5 minutes to fill.
• The purpose of the Pre-Selector is to quickly find out if applicants have what it takes to contribute to your organization success and happiness.
• Whatever the position, you want to evaluate the candidates' ability AND willingness to contribute to the success and happiness of their team members and of your organization.
• This unique pre-screening assessment evaluates every applicant against 6 universal characteristics which have proven to (1) make people happier and more enthusiast on a job and (2) contribute to the success & happiness of others in the group.
• Through the combination of six fundamental traits of character & attitude, the Pre-Selector provides an index, which reflects the general ability and willingness of an applicant to contribute to others’ well-being and to your organization overall success. It is called the “Happiness Contribution Index.”

When should you use the Pre-Selector?

• It is suggested to use the Pre-Selector on applicants who qualify, per their resume and/or job application, in preparation to a phone or face-to-face interview. Ideally, you want to have the test results prior to talking to the applicants, so that you can get prepared to ask specific questions (including those suggested in the report -  see below for details).

• The best time to ask applicants to fill the pre- selector is thus after you have checked their resume, based on which you consider that they might be a fit – from a hard skills viewpoint. You can send them the test by email once you have prequalified them. You can also add the Pre-Selector as a standard assessment, as part of the candidate application process. In other words, you may ask candidates to fill the test at the same time as they send their resume. Many job boards allow you to add a test as part of your standard hiring procedure.

Can applicants “cheat” the Pre-Selector?

Yes, applicants can be tempted to “cheat” the assessment and show a more optimistic picture than the reality. However, by asking the suggested questions for each trait - whether it presents a high or a low score, you can quickly and easily determine if (1) the applicant answered the questions genuinely; and (2) if the applicant’s given global index is reliable.

How should you use the Pre-Selector results?

• The Pre-Selector is a simple but practical diagnostic/investigation tool providing you with information that can be used to challenge applicants on: (a) their level of honesty in answering the assessment and (b) their real motivations and intentions.

• A couple of questions are provided for each
   trait – no matter how low or high the score is
   for that trait. It is recommended to ask those
   questions either when (a) the trait is too high
   (95% to 100%) and (b) when the trait is very
    low (below 35%).

Note: a list of answers to all questions is available at the end of each PDF result sheet. You can use this
list to ask more questions or to challenge the candidate on a specific trait.

IMPORTANT: Never use the assessment results alone to judge applicants or make a hiring decision.
Rather, use the information to investigate, challenge and discover more about them.

To download a PDF sample of the Pre-Selector
assessment results.

To view a video sample of a Pre-Selector
assessment results.

The Recru-Tec™ Test

What is the Recru-Tec test?

• The Recru-Tec Test is a perfect Quality Control tool for giving your hiring missions the best outcome. Based on our experience with the evaluation of more than 24,000 candidates in 25 different countries, this unique diagnostic is a “job-matching” assessment which provides vital information about your future/potential employees..
• We do not use the Recru-Tec test to judge or even to select candidates. Rather, we use this exclusive, laser-precise diagnostic tool to better know and to understand an applicant who has passed the first interview.
• The Recru-Tec test results are ideally analyzed PRIOR to the second interview, as they serve as a strategic tool during the interview to challenge the applicant.

The Recru-Tec test helps you avoid costly mistakes and problems, by providing you information on the evaluated person which is essential to job-related performance:

• It is a job-related SOFT SKILLS ASSESSMENT – measuring 20 major soft skills against a specific position. As almost 90% of hire failures are due to lack of specific soft skills, it is important to evaluate of a candidate possesses – or not, the needed soft skills to be successful on the job.
• It is a PRODUCTIVTY test, because it detects a candidate’s personality traits which might be deterrent to optimal performance on a specific job.
• It is a REACTIVITY test, because it measures how the evaluated person will react to specific job-related circumstances, in a specific work environment.
• It is a PREDICTION test, because it helps you predict how the evaluated person will behave under specific job-related situations which require precise qualities and skills to be resolved. This unique tool will describe, with up to 90% of precision, the natural reaction of the tested applicant to various challenges from the work environment.

How/When should you use the Recru-Tec test?

• As a reminder, you should NOT use any test results to judge a candidate or to make a hiring decision (based only on the test results). The main purpose of this tool is to provide you with information which is difficult to detect during a couple of interviews.

• You want to use the information provided by the test, to challenge the candidate as well as previous employers. Specifically, if the Recru-Tec test evaluation suggests some specific job-related weakness(es), you want to verify if such weakness(es) could be detrimental to success on the job.

• The best time to use the assessment is AFTER a first face-to-face interview. If at the end of that interview you decide it is worth to proceed with the hiring procedure (invite the candidate again, etc…), you would inform them that an email will be sent to them with a link to your testing platform account. You then invite them to fill the test before the next step of the hiring procedure.

• Read the evaluation thoroughly and note what strengths & weaknesses are presented in the profile. Make a list of questions you will want to ask the candidate in a second interview. Also prepare a list of questions to ask previous employers, based on the test results.

NOTE: If you need additional information and a profile thorough analysis, you can ask for our video evaluation services. Within 24 hours of your request, we will send you a very detailed profile video evaluation – with a phone follow-up, to ensure you have all your questions answered.

To download a PDF of some soft skills assessment 
results, click on the links below:

To view some samples of video evaluations on our soft skills assessment, click on the links below:

Sales representative +
General explanation

Short evaluation. Production Manager

Short evaluation
Admin Manager

Sales representative

Production Manager

Admin Manager

The P.S.S.A.

Problem Solving Skills Analysis

• The applicant's aptitude to properly observe, to make the right decisions, to execute plans precisely and to demonstrate good judgment when evaluating situations.
• The applicant’s intellectual abilities and potential to solve problems (including logical & intellectual thinking, as well as mathematical & vocabulary skills).

Duplication ability: From the verb "to duplicate - to make an exact copy of something."

The first part of the assessment measures the applicant’s ability to comprehend, or to understand communications, orders, directives and/or recommendations. It is also an indication of the applicant’s aptitude to properly observe, to make the right decisions, to execute plans precisely and to demonstrate good judgment when evaluating situations.

Problem solving ability: The second part of the PSSA assesses a range of cognitive abilities and provides a score (against a maximum of 180) that is intended to serve as a measure of the applicant’s intellectual abilities and potential to solve problems.

Score Breakdown:

• Logical thinking:
Ability to objectively analyze a situation and come up with a sensible solution. Requires the use of reasoning skills to study a problem step by step and make a calculated, rational conclusion about how to proceed.
• Intellectual thinking:
Ability to engage in critical thinking, research or abstract reasoning.
Differs a little bit from logical thinking in that it triggers a concrete opinion, based on one’s knowledge, more than just logic.
• Vocabulary skills:
Ability to read, understand and use the words in a specific language.
• Mathematical skills:
Ability to work with adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing numbers

When should you use the P.S.S.A.?

You can use the PSSA when evaluating the following
types of applications:

• Executive
• R&D/production
• Complex sales
• Accounting/finances
• Lead programming
• Any other type of position requiring problem-
   solving skills

To download a PDF sample of the P.S.S.A. results.

To view a video sample of a P.S.S.A. results.

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