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We are a team of dedicated talent acquisition consultants, technical experts and executive coaches who understand that without the right people, your business has no chance of growing.

We are your true partners in the bloody war for talent.

Hirebox was started by Patrick V. Valtin, worldwide renowned management consultant & public speaker who has trained over 140,000 business owners and executives in the areas of Sales, Sales Management, Personnel Selection, People Management, Marketing, Organization and Leadership - across 37 countries.

Patrick is the Best Seller Author of "No-Fail Hiring 2.0"
and "Taking Off the Mask." He is also the author of the
white paper, "Hiring for Happiness."

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RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Decrease the amount of in-house work and time you invest in talent acquisition. Outsource part or the entire recruiting procedure to us, with placement guarantee!

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Pre-Hire and
Employee Testing

Assess essential job-related skills and bring in ONLY those candidates who will make you happy, while preventing bad and possibly pricey hires.

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or Coaching

Enroll into our special training & coaching programs. Ranging from hiring to sales, we have programs created and proven to assist you prosper!

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EEOC Compliance Optimization

Guarantee your whole company isn't at risk by ensuring you are EEOC compliant! We provide training programsalong with audits and customized EEOC consulting.

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Patrick Valtin

Sharing your energy is the best way to have more of it.

Patrick Valtin is the CEO of HireBox, an exclusive pre-hire assessment platform that accurately evaluates an applicant's job-related soft skills. He has been a talent acquisition and retention consultant for the last 36 years and has evaluated over 24,000 candidates for almost 5,000 clients. Patrick has also trained 145,000 business owners and executives on hiring, management, business strategies, leadership, and sales - in 37 countries.

Additionally, Patrick is the best-selling author of "No-Fail Hiring 2.0" and "Taking Off the Mask" and a world-renowned public speaker on the subject of recruitment branding strategy.

Taking Off the Mask - How to Avoid Hiring Dishonest Employees Who Could Ruin Your Business launched om December 1, 2020. It became a
#1 best-seller in the United States, Canada, and Australia, and a
bestseller in the United Kingdom.

The book was a sales leader in categories including "Human Resources & Personnel," "Business & Investing," "Labor & Employment Law," "Business Life," "Law Ethics & Professional Responsibility," "Business Ethics," "Business Management," and more.

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Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat - Sun: Closed.

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