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Talent Acquisition:

The 10 Lessons I learned from evaluating, testing and selecting over 56,000 applicants in the last 10 years.

Lesson 6


What is the most important role of a CEO or business owner? You might be shocked by our suggested answer: You have got to be a great head hunter! One thing Steve Jobs knew was that people do not work for organizations - they work for people! As the head of your company, you must be able and willing to be THE talent attractor - and there are many things you can do to attract the best who will want to work hard for you.


"I have participated in the hiring of maybe 5,000-plus people in my life."

“So, I take it very seriously."

The Steve Jobs “Syndrome”

It is rather interesting that the most admired entrepreneur in the world would put so much attention on hiring people directly. Here is a man who had all the money, all the energy available to hire the best HR team, and yet involved himself in the hiring of more than 5000 executives or employees.

How do you explain that?

Steve jobs knew better than anyone that people do not work for organizations; they work for people. Apple’s former owner and CEO was well known for his rough management style, but his direct team always admired him for his constant attention in attracting people who could make things go right and were extremely fanatic about the brand.

Do you know how much time it takes to interview 5,000 people? The answer is about two years full time. Steve Jobs certainly was busy; but he was also known for spending almost 40% of his time and energy dealing with HR matters. In fact, he considered HR functions as the key to expansion. He knew how to surround himself with the best and the most talented staff.

You are the Boss? Candidates want to see you

Even if you are not directly involved in the hiring process, taking a few minutes during a second interview with a qualified applicant to be able to shake their hand can make a huge difference and
motivate them to join your group.

Do you remember those commercials where the CEO of a huge corporation (ex: Delta Air Lines) is the main character and delivers the message. Car manufacturers also know the power of
communication from the top guy directly to customers.

This approach to talent acquisition does not invalidate the vital role of the HR department and their recruiters. But People are always more motivated when they are inspired. Even a short, informal chat with the “Boss” can lead a candidate to want to work for your group. In the age of Internet and digital communications, people want more than ever to be connected through a live
communication with their potential employer.

Be a passionate headhunter

Head-hunting could be a very effective part of your daily management functions if you are the head of your organization. It does not have to cost you a lot of time, it's just a matter of using the existing channels to personally promote an open position. Any assistant can help in making your organization very visible to the employment market through personal messaging on the various communication channels. Here are some examples of head-hunting activities that put your name out there:

• Ensure that your website has an updated career page, where you make a short video
   presentation of your company. This is an important formal communication to potential
   employees, explaining who you are (as a company), what you do, and most importantly where you are going.
• Tell visitors why you believe they should join your group. Push the company’s vision and
   purposes. Talk about the company values. Make people feel welcome.
• Use your LinkedIn personal profile to promote your company. LinkedIn is the most powerful
   organic recruitment network platform. You must optimize your profile and reach at least 5000
   connections in order to be very visible. When you reach that level, communicating openly
   about your open positions and about the great opportunities you are offering can be very
   successful while also cost effective.
• Any other social media used by your company should introduce you. Use video interviews
   because a video is eight times more powerful than a written article.
• Invite your executives and staff members to also post on your behalf any job on their own profile.
• Motivate your employees to send you referrals. Employee referral is still the most effective
   channel for talent acquisition, with over 53% of all hires across America occurring through
    motivated employees who knows someone who is looking for a job.
• Whenever you go to meetings, social events, business trips, carry your business cards with a
   clear statement on the back saying: “we are growing fast – we need help.
   Visit [website career page].” And give those business cards around; you would be amazed of
   the return on such a recruitment marketing strategy.
• Get invited to talk to business shows, school job fairs, trade associations, etc.
   Let your community or the world know that your organization is growing and needs help.


Be on the front line of talent acquisition. Do not blindly delegate that vital function which can contribute more than any other department to the expansion of your organization… or to its downfall.

Most presidents in the political world consider themselves as the first sales rep of their country. You are the first sales rep of your organization. And your first task is to sell the idea to potential employees that they will be better off joining your group rather than joining your competition.

Also, you should consider your HR department as the most important management team in the whole organization. If you are a small business owner with no formally established HR department, you would do good to immediately post someone and give them their HR manager title right away.

The most important qualification for the job is to love the company, its culture, its purposes and its values. Choose the most loyal employee who has some salesmanship talent because they will need to sell your company, to sell you (the Boss), and the job.

Find out HOW you can be a great headhunter – or help someone in your organization become one. Visit www.thehiremaster.com and see how you can quickly apply the secrets of professional recruiters.

Best success,

Patrick Valtin,
CEO Hirebox

In today's dynamic job market, your small businesses is facing an array of challenges when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. From fierce competition to changing expectations, you must be able to navigate a complex landscape to find and keep the best employees. Understanding the selection criteria that job hunters prioritize and adapting recruitment strategies accordingly is crucial if you aim to thrive in this environment.

In the dynamic and competitive small business world, hiring the right employees is not just a matter of finding the most skilled or experienced candidates. It goes beyond the technical qualifications listed on a resume. The real secret to building a successful team lies in understanding and evaluating the often-overlooked aspect of a candidate's profile - their soft skills.

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, success hinges not only on innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies but also on the strength of the team driving these initiatives forward.

When it comes to the dynamic world of small businesses, honesty isn't just a virtue; it's a strategic asset. In an era of rising corporate and small business crime, the stakes are higher than ever. With customers demanding transparency and investors seeking integrity, small businesses must fortify their foundations with a robust honesty testing regimen.

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