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How do you know if your future employees will make you and
your team happy?

• Try our unique pre-hire assessment platform
• Detect those candidates who will contribute to your business success & happiness - and those who won't!
• Evaluate applicants’ real potential
• Precisely analyze job-related soft skills

The Hirebox pre-hire assessment platform will raise your certainty in the hiring decision process by over 200%!

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Give Your Company The Unique Edge You Need To Compete For The Best Talent Out There!

Work with the Leading Hiring Support Provider to Small Businesses.

Find out HOW to select only those applicants who will be willing and able to contribute to your organization's success and happiness.

Businesses with happy staff members outperform the competitors by 20%

Work environment happiness raises sales by 37%, performance by 31% and precision on tasks by 19%

Happier staff members take 10 times less sick days and remain at their jobs longer

Identifying essential soft skills such as sincerity,
devotion, commitment, real motivation and intents,
need to be an important part of your selection procedure.

Counting on your guts could get you in trouble!

Employee theft represents $50 billion in yearly losses for companies

One of three bankruptcies are brought on by theft by a staff member

Employee theft occasions take place for approximately 2 years prior to businesses find what's happening


I have been working with the No Fail Hiring system for over three years now and I highly recommend it to all Business Owners and HR personnel. The No Fail Hiring book covers everything from the essential legal aspects of hiring and retaining personnel, to the step by step process of attracting qualified candidates and hiring great employees who will add real value to your team. As a business consultant, I have worked for decades in the world of Human Resources and the No Fail Hiring system is by far the most “user-friendly” and effective hiring system available.

Pamela H

This is a brand new book that is so relevant to these times. I have made so many mistakes in hiring people in the past that I have almost lost everything I have worked for. I wanted this book by Patrick Valtin because I have read about his company and have recently tried his system for hiring people and this book makes everything clear and concise on what to watch out for. Things are getting so difficult to hire the right person without spending tens of thousands of dollars and Patrick lays it all out here. An easy and quick read.

Nola C. Aronson

There aren’t enough stars!! I would give way more if I could. Honestly, I don’t know how we survived before we implemented the Hirebox system. Do not miss this amazing opportunity to hire the best and keep them with you. The Hirebox offers the best hiring system there is on the market.

Joy G

Highly recommended for anyone in business! From small business owners to CEOs, this book contains essential data for you. Learn how and why to hire for honesty and happiness in this fast, easy to read gem of a book. Patrick provides exact steps you can apply to get beyond the mask. Outstanding!

Ellen Firestone

The hit or miss in hiring is very frustrating and costly to any business. Hirebox has the most effective system of finding the most qualified and suitable candidates for your business that I’ve ever seen. Every person selected goes through specialized screenings and tests to ensure an optimum fit. The small investment for this efficiency and hiring success is worth every penny.

Mike K

I was excited to read Patrick’s next book ’Taking off the Mask’ because I had read his first – ’No Fail Hiring’ and I then became a client of Hirebox and after practical application of all he teaches I knew this would be good. I wasn’t disappointed. He does push his Hirebox test and platform and if you’re not already a fan this could be a turn offf but trust me – I have 286 employees and I would never hire a single one without first testing them on the hirebox platform. Good, easy read with some golden nuggets you didn’t think of or read before. Highly recommend.

Joy Gendusa

In these uncertain times I was not particularly thinking about hiring new people but this book told me that especially now, building a good team in essential to survive this this economy. I found the data shocking because I had no idea that dishonest personnel are such an issue. Thanks to this book I have my eyes wide open! A MUST for any entrepreneur!


We were lucky enough to have Patrick look at one of our hiring ads. He had me tweek a couple things in the ad and by doing that alone we increased the amount of resumes three fold! Awesome program and I highly recommend.

Kevin K.

I had a lot of false believes from the past about the right way to hire, or the most important things to look for in a prospect… what was my surprise, it is not really the RIGHT way to hire the RIGHT people… Questions of the past “Do you have experience on this area?” Not important!!! If you have a business or you are an entrepreneur this is a MUST read. Quite a jewel which will blow away old false believes and you will understand why. It even changed the way I look at people… Quite an eye opener! Thank you Patrick!

Marina Villarreal

I found the information in this book to be extremely valuable for anyone either running a business or wanting to start a business. Patrick Valtin has given the reader an inside look at what it takes to safeguard a business as well as how to succeed in and expand the business. Not only was I unaware of a lot of statistics given, but I was also unaware of how I might avoid these pitfalls. I would never again run a group or an organization without applying this data. It is information for any leader to survive as well as thrive!!


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RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Decrease the amount of in-house work and time you invest in talent acquisition. Outsource part or the entire recruiting procedure to us, with placement guarantee!

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Pre-Hire and
Employee Testing

Assess essential job-related skills and bring in ONLY those candidates who will make you happy, while preventing bad and possibly pricey hires.

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or Coaching

Enroll into our special training & coaching programs. Ranging from hiring to sales, we have programs created and proven to assist you prosper!

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EEOC Compliance Optimization

Guarantee your whole company isn't at risk by ensuring you are EEOC compliant! We provide training programsalong with audits and customized EEOC consulting.

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