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Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about HireBox!

Are your assessments compliant with the E.E.O.C. or other federal/national regulatory agencies?

Yes, we full comply with Title VII of the Civil Right Act of 1964 which addresses the Employment Test and Selection Procedures: “With respect to tests in particular, Tittle VII permits employment tests as long as they are not designed, intended or used to discriminate because of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.”

Per applicable laws, no applicant or employee may be forced to fill any test/assessment without their consent. Additionally, testees may require a copy of their test results. Our HireBox platform allows a testee to accept or refuse invitation to fill a test; you can also send a copy of the tests results via the platform.

If you operate your business in a country where strict regulations exist regarding the protection of privacy, we offer a version of our platform entirely compatible with such regulations.

Can I be trained to use the platform and evaluate results?

Yes, there is an online course available for you to learn how to evaluate the test results. If your are hiring on a regular basis, we suggested that you do this online training so that you fully comply with the E.E.O.C. regulations on testing.

We also have a whole series of video tutorials to help you understand the platform.

Can I use a “white label” version for more than 10 additional companies/clients?

Yes, you can subscribe to a Multiple-Company yearly license. We offer a sliding price structure for more than 10 additional companies. Contact us for pricing details.

Can the HireBox testing platform be used by consulting firms or recruitment agencies?

Yes, we have many clients in the consulting/coaching field as well as recruitment agencies, on a worldwide basis.

The standard yearly subscription comes with 10 additional companies/clients. This application allows you to “white label” your test evaluations in your company’s name or in your client’s name.

Does my subscription include any live support?

Absolutely! You can always email us at Service@HireBox.com or call us 9am-6pm EST at 877-831-2299. We also have live chat available throughout the day!

Do I need to print test results in order to obtain the information?

No. You can view a full test result on the online HireBox platform.

By placing your cursor above a specific trait, you will be able to view the details of that trait. You do not need to print a test results but you do have the option to do so – both a company report and an applicant report.

How do I know how reliable your assessments are?

We understand you may not want to just take our word on the reliability of our tests. So we suggest you do the test on yourself or a fellow colleague who you know demonstrates great traits, you can then compare the test to what you know to be true.

How easy is the HireBox platform to use?

Our testing platform is very easy to use.

It will take you less than 5 minutes to set up your account and send your first test to applicants.

If you need help, you can call us 9-6 EST at 877-831-2299, chat with us via live chat or continue to visit our in depth help page.

How long does it take to receive test results?

Once an applicant has completed a test, you will instantly receive an automatic confirmation via email.

Simply log in to the platform and click on “evaluate test” (red button). It usually takes less than 1 minute to analyze the test and provide you with a written evaluation.

How many tests can I do during the free trial period?

You can do an unlimited number of tests during the trial period.

If you do not want to continue with the paid subscription at the end of the free trial period, you will still have access to the platform so you can view previous test results.

How many users can access the HireBox platform?

You can have an unlimited number of users. You can also categorize each user to give various permissions to those users.

How proven is HireBox?

Patrick Valtin has evaluated over 25,000 applicants using this testing technology.

How is it proven, well the best way is to do the test yourself or on a fellow colleague and see the precise test results yourself during the two week free trial of the platforms.

Generally the precision of the test is over 90%..

How was the HireBox testing platform developed?

Patrick Valtin originally created the Recru-Tec Test in 1995, after having dealt with personnel and applicant assessment for 8 years. After 4 different versions and 25,000 evaluations completed in the next 23 years, the HireBox testing platform was recently fully redesigned with the help of Jean-Marie Surinx (programming) and Steve Valtin (design) to comply with the new international web technologies. Additional assessments were added to respond to our clients’ requests and the needs of internet-based pre-selection methodologies.

How will I be able to understand the test results?

Our HireBox platform gives you details about each evaluated trait, and even indicates when there is a syndrome (a conflict of two or more traits).

There is also a full course available for you, so you can become trained and a pro at evaluating these tests yourself.

We also offer video evaluations. You can order this on a certain test, and we will have one of our expert evaluators send you a screen recording explaining his/her findings on the selected test.

What is the difference between the Pre-Selector and the Recru-Tec test?

The difference is that the Pre-Selector is a very fast, easy-to-fill tool that you want to use on applicants who qualify because of their resume, and you are interested to invite them for a first interview. When you get the Pre-Selector test results, you can use them to challenge the candidate during the 1st interview.

The Recru-Tec test is a very deep, precise personality analysis which evaluates if the applicant has the right personality traits for the position. We usually recommend that you ask applicants who have passed the first interview, to fill the Recru-Tec test. In other words, we do NOT recommend that you use the Recru-Tect test on applicants who did not pass the 1st interview. When you get the test results, you can use them to challenge the candidate during the second interview.

What is the precision of your assessments?

Our assessments are extremely precise – above 90%. More than 25,000 Recru-tec tests have been delivered in the last 23 years throughout the world. How do we evaluate its precision? The assessment is usually “tested” by our clients prior to having them use the system for their hiring/evaluation purposes. The best way to test our assessments, is to have it completed by 3 to 5 people who you know very well. This is how the vast majority of our clients have become loyal clients.

Reliability is the level of dependability and consistency in measuring a characteristic. If a person takes the test again, will he/she get similar test score, or a much different one? Our clients regularly monitor the Recru-Tec test “Reliability Coefficient Value”, which approximates 0.92. Validity reflects the correctness of a test in measuring characteristics – in our case, related to job performance. How well does it measure what it says it measures? If it scores high on validity, it means that one can trust the test prediction about job performance. Again, constant monitoring reflects a validity rate of above 90%.

What is your cancel policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time – during or after the free trial period.

Monthly subscriptions are effectively cancelled at the end of the current period.

Yearly subscriptions are cancelled at the end of the current monthly period.

Which Pre-Hire assessment should use?

The Pre-Selector is ideally used before the first interview, in order to give you information for you to challenge the candidate during the first interview.

The Recru-Tec test would be used before inviting the candidate for a second interview, the test result should then be used to challenge the candidate during the second interview.

Will my credit card be debited during the trial period?

No, your credit card will be debited at the end of the trial period ONLY if you decide to continue with the HireBox platform.

If you do not wish to continue during or at the end of the trial period, simply cancel your subscription at any time by clicking on “Request Support” on the home page of the platform. Your credit card information will automatically be discarded when we cancel your subscription.

Who is Patrick Valtin?

Patrick Valtin is the CEO of HireBox and No Fail Hiring. He is also a renowned public speaker and has been in the talent acquisition industry for over 30 years. Patrick is the author of No Fail Hiring and No Fail Hiring 2.0. He is a well-known Entrepreneur, Executive, Talent Acquisition Guru and Sales Trainer.

Why do I need to submit a valid credit card during the free trial period?

The reason is entirely a security matter: we try to prevent abusive utilization. Providing valid credit card information confirms that you are not a robot, but instead a genuinely interested person.

It also contributes to minimizing the risks of Malware infection and other spam and virus-related threats.

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